The most important quality of Woah-Botz sculptures is to bring JOY and a sense of WHIMSY to your life. Check out some of the ZANY SHENANIGANS some of the creations get up to...

5/26/18: Greg Nicotero (the man, the legend, the Emmy award winning special effects make-up GOD, Director and Producer from The Walking Dead) swoops into our booth at the Escape Velocity event, tells you he loves your stuff and picks up a total of FOUR WOAH-BOTZ Sculptures!

7/29/16: Weird Al Yankovic becomes a proud owner of his first WOAH-BOTZ Sculpture!

Late Nights + Robot Sculptures = SIlly Woah-Botz kareoke sessions

Pics from customers : Woah-Botz in their new homes

A little fun with LEX (Woah-Bot #4) and Photoshop

Random Photo Dump Area... Art Shows, Comic Cons, Galleries, Saturday Market and everything else!

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