My #1 question at every Fine Art Show, Art Festival and Comic Con: Is there any way I can have you make a custom Woah-Bot? The Answer is: HECK YEAH! You can send me a single item or a box full, or just give me an idea of what to look for... I'm easy! Just send me an email to get the process started and to have all your questions answered!

Here is an example of a Custom Woah-Bot! "George" here was made as a gift for the owner of George Alarm Co. in Central, IL. The alarm techs saved a box full of used alarm system parts and sent them to the Woah-Bot workshop for a bit of up-cycling goodness!

All Custom Woah-Botz still get a Name and a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity to prove they are an official member of the Woah-Bot family!

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