This is my wonderfully talented and phenomenally supportive Aunt Kate! She’s been an artist her whole life and it shows! Click the photo to jump to her website and check out her “Junk Fairies”, paintings and other awesome creations. This lady is the reason that I started making Woah-Botz!

The Woah-Botz gear logos were re-designed by the OVERLY talented Chad Lowe. If you are EVER in need of design help of any kind, you won't find anyone better! Art Direction, Print Design/Prepress, Digital/Traditional Illustrations, Brand Identity/Logos, IconographyInfographics, Lettering/Typography, Packaging Design, Presentations/Powerpoint, Web Design and Development, Photographic Retouching, Marketing... Seriously, I could go on for days!  


Pop Art GODDESS (and WOAH-BOTZ enthusiast) Allison Lefcort is one of the most successful and famous Pop Artists since Warhol himself! Check out Allisons site to find out all about her fabulous artwork and famous patrons!

Meet the Bitti-Bots by wonderfully talented friend (and fellow Bot-Maker) Cheri Kudja!  There for a few years, most Fine Art Shows in south Florida had one or BOTH of us displaying our sculptures. 

PoP Gallery at Disney Springs, FL carries an AMAZING variety of some of the most creative and visually stimulating art anywhere!

(Including Woah-Botz and Allison Lefcort)

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