Browse our yearbook of every single WOAH-BOTZ sculpture past and present! Awaken your inner artistic and creative spirit as you take a slide-show tour through the evolution of these crazy little botz with HUGE personalities!

Here are a couple of shots of the first few WOAH-BOTZ still currently living in New Zealand! Thanks to my friends "down-under" for sending me the pics!


This is PRIMUS!  This is where it all began... Officially he is Woah-Bot #1 and lives with my dear friend (and creative co-hort) Amy in Kingston NZ! The first person to see him, Amy knew immediately that she needed to have a robot in her new house!

This is BELDAR!  Officially he is Woah-Bot #2 and still lives in the house where he was created!  He was adopted by the new tenant, one of my best friends Roz and her son Ethan.  Roz saw him for the first time and said "MINE" immediately!

This is TUCK!  He was my final creation before we moved back to the USA! Officially he is Woah-Bot #3 and was adopted by my friends Stephen and Sarah.  Stephen calls him Fryer Tuck and thinks he is so cool that he started a facebook page just for him!

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